Menan London’s July Birthstone- Ruby

Whether you love the Ruby for its deep, dramatic red colour of share your birthday with the month it represents, the precious gemstone is a vibrant and versatile mineral that has long been admired for its captivating beauty and its association with romance and love.

Admired for its glowing red fluorescence, Ruby. the birthstone for July has long been a precious stone loved for its connection to the heart. Ancient cultures have long believed that Ruby represents the life force of the human body since it shares its deep red colour with blood. The stone was first sourced in the Mogok area in Myanmar, which produces the highest quality rubies with light scattering inclusions. Since the late 20th century rubies have also been mined in Vietnam, which produces a deep red to a purplish gemstone. Other sources derive from Mozambique and locations between Cambodia and Thailand.

It appears that life may soon resume to some level of normality, so there’s no better time than now to indulge in a luxurious piece of jewellery from this hand-picked selection of Ruby favourites. These unique designs make for stunning gift ideas for any July birthday this month. There’s a huge and ever-growing range of Ruby jewellery pieces to take your pick from here at Berry’s, but we’ve selected three pieces that you may want to purchase together or separately.